Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The beginning of the end

Good day to you sir or ma'am,

     It is great to see you have found me in my humble abode.  This vast and empty pitted landscape filled with all sorts of strange lights and sounds, Trolls and just plain ole assholes.  Nothing compares to the rush of seeing the people get their minds fucked by a lurking nerd with far too much time on his hands and a lot of hurt in his butt.  This ride has thrills and chills and people think that its real, this is the power of your minds.
     Imagine what you could be doing now, walking the dog, washing the cat, painting the chickens, or even mowing the roof.  BUT YOUR NOT!  Out there at this very moment are hundreds of people, yes, literally hundreds, partaking in activities that are entirely pointless and all together too stressful.  Could you imagine back in the good ole days when a man got bored he would get pissed and beat his ole lady?  Neither can I, which is why I am glad you have overcome your baser instincts and have chosen to follow me, your humble host/mod/writer/schizophrenic-alcoholic comrade, but you can call me...


does this font look good to you?  How about this one?  When was the last time a lonely and sincerely ugly young woman got her rocks off on the bridge of your nose?  Do you ever have any guns, boats, and/or Mexicans fun?  The strange thing here is that Im almost certain I cannot use any things that i have prev iously utilized on the internet for this site.        WILL You EVER ReAD thIS!!!!  

You know you want it.
Yours without any serious commitment,


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