Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Well I have spent quite a lot of time overseas begging for money doing hard drugs, hitch hiking, partying and getting arrested however I have yet to learn how to ask "Where is the toilet" in French.  This language is fairly complicated because of the strange way they spell words and use their alphabet.  It is similar to English in many ways such as the unpredictable mannerisms they use.

What the hell am I saying, as though I am a linguist!  I speak English and German, both not as well as I ought to.  back to the topic, Toothpicks!  Are you like me?  Do you need a constant supply of toothpicks on hand 24-7?  Its not a replacement for smoking since you will often find me chewing on a toothpick only to light up literally seconds later twirling both around each other in my mouth.  That just sounds gay doesn't it?  Well this is pretty gay

I knew you would like some GAGA in your face all confusing and shit.  When I first heard about this bitch I thought she was a dude dressed as a chick which is the rumor that happened shortly before everyone in my immediate social network began to notice her to.  What a way to get attention eh!  Make em all think your a dude secretly.  Maybe I should become a chick who is super famous to reveal later on that I am actually RuPaul!  I will let you stew on that.  All of your chickens are belong to me!



  1. Gotta admit, I didn't really like GAGA in my face all confusing and shit...

  2. Good post! Looking forward to reading you next one